COVID-19 Research Continuity Planning for the University of Utah

The Office of the Vice President for Research (VPR) remains operational as we continue to closely monitor the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Updates from May 27th through June 12th are below.

Face Covering Policy: There is a campus-wide face covering policy described at the University’s return to campus website. While many resources on this site are provided in anticipation of the Fall semester, the face covering policy is in effect now and applies to everyone who comes to campus. 

Bridge Training and Attestation Form for Faculty & Staff: There is a new, mandatory safety training video and attestation form that must be completed for all faculty and staff who come to campus.

Guidelines & Procedures to Request Undergraduate Employees in Onsite Research Activities: There is a new approval process for undergraduate students to participate in onsite research activities (on campus or at other University of Utah research sites or facilities). Students must be university employees paid from external grants (5000 funds). In addition, the PI must receive approval from (1) their Department Chair, (2) their Dean’s Office, and (3) the Dean’s Office of the student’s major, if different. Approvals must be sent to SVP’s designee, not to the VPR office. Please see the attached PDF for more details.

Eccles Institute of Human Genetics is reopened

The Eccles Institute of Human Genetics (EIHG) has been thoroughly disinfected due to a positive COVID-19 case in the building. The EIHG building is now reopened to Limited Research Activities Only under the university’s Orange Phase conditions.

Return to Campus

Information about campus instructional activities for Fall Semester 2020 is now available on the university’s Return to Campus website.

Thank you for all of your input as we strive to provide needed information and guidance on the VPR website as quickly as possible. We appreciate all of your hard work to keep research operations running smoothly as much as possible during these challenging events.


Andy Weyrich
Vice President for Research

Diane Pataki
Associate Vice President for Research

Erin Rothwell
Associate Vice President for Research Compliance & Integrity