Corporate and Foundation Funding

The University of Utah Corporate and Foundation Relations program can help build a relationship between you and potential private funding partners. Our team can advise on strategic approaches, arrange visits, review draft proposals and help translate ideas into fundable projects or programs. Please contact Chris Ostrander at 5-7220 if you are interested in applying for an opportunity listed below, or on the CFR Funding Opportunity website.

Russell Sage Foundation: Decision Making and Human Behavior in Context

Deadline: Nov. 26, 2019

Amount: $175,000

The Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) is launching a new special initiative on Decision Making and Human Behavior in Context that will support innovative research on decision making across the social sciences that examines causes, consequences, processes, or context from a behavioral or alternative perspective. We seek to support a wide range of research on decision-making in context by scholars in psychology, political science, sociology, and other social science fields who are pursuing questions consistent with the aims of the Foundation. This initiative complements RSF’s long-standing Behavioral Economics (BE) Program which continues to encourage the submission of proposals.

This initiative will support research proposals from multiple methodological perspectives that will further our understanding of decision-making processes and human behavior in the contexts of work, race, ethnicity, immigration, and social inequality, broadly conceived, in the U.S. Priority will be given to research related to our core programs and other special initiatives. Limited consideration will be given to projects that test well-established behavioral effects without examining the overarching context or the underlying mechanisms.

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Ford Foundation: 2020 Fellowship Program

Deadlines: Dec. 10, 2019 (Dissertation and Postdoc)

Dec. 17, 2019 (Predoc)

Amount: Up to $72,000

Through its Fellowship Programs, the Ford Foundation seeks to increase the diversity of the nation’s college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity, maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.

Predoctoral, dissertation and postdoctoral fellowships are awarded annually in a national competition. Award amounts vary by program between $25,000 to $72,000 in total. Application deadlines also vary by program, between Dec. 10-17, 2019.

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Doris Duke Charitable Foundation: 2020 Physician Scientist Fellowship

Deadline: Jan. 7, 2020

Amount: Up to $220,000

Physician-scientists lend vital expertise to biomedical research through their training as both clinicians and researchers. The Physician Scientist Fellowship (PSF) award aims to support research during the final years of subspecialty fellowship and aid in the transition into academic faculty appointment. The specific goals of the PSF program are to:

  1. Support physician-scientists in subspecialty fellowship to conduct an outstanding clinical research project
  2. Ensure research time protection to enable the development of research skills
  3. Facilitate strong mentorship relations

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American Heart Association: 2020 Transformational Project Award

Deadline: Jan. 22, 2020

Amount: $300,000

This award will support highly innovative, high-impact projects that build on work-in-progress. Projects could ultimately lead to critical discoveries or major advancements that will accelerate the field of cardiovascular and/or cerebrovascular research. Research deemed innovative may be built around an emerging paradigm, approaching an existing problem from a new perspective, or exhibit other uniquely creative qualities. Successful applications are likely to be those building on strong preliminary data supportive of the hypothesis.

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