New Year’s Resolutions

Take a look at a few goals for 2018 from some our colleges and deans.

How do U… start birding?

Birds are all around, and all you need to get started is an observant eye.


The University of Utah Reading Clinic offers intervention to struggling readers and provides professional development to educators.

The Threat Assessment Team

Because of Fall Break, this week’s SafeU theme focuses on staff readiness, which includes building a Threat Assessment Teamβ€”a group of staff dedicated to addressing imminent threats to campus, from both inside and outside the university.

Brave conversations

The new director of the Office for Inclusive Excellence describes their vision for improving the campus climate.

Energy Center wins award

The honor is given to the highest-performing center in the country.

Response to UnsafeU petition

A response to the petition was shared with the group’s representatives and is being shared here in the interest of transparency.Β