How do U… start birding?

Birds are all around, and all you need to get started is an observant eye.


This picture could pass for abstract art but uses its vivid colors to map the unseen metabolism of cells. The scientific visualization by researchers at the Moran Eye Center is a finalist in this year’s Wellcome Image Awards.

Makeup in Ancient Egypt

Thousands of years ago makeup was as much a part of people’s expressions as it is today.


Physicists plan to expand Telescope Array cosmic ray observatory, seeking the source of the most energetic particles in the universe.


MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE TVC OPEN HOUSE: IDEAS, INVENTIONS & IMAGINATION Tuesday, Sept. 15 | 3-5 p.m. TVC, 615 Arapeen Drive, Suite 310 Guest Speaker: Dr. Greg Hageman, John A. Moran presidential professor and executive director of the Moran Eye Center for Translational Medicine Are you interested in connecting with successful faculty inventors? Would […]