The Arts and U

By Josiane Dubois, Department of Theatre Department of Theatre opens season with 1930s marathon-dancing musical β€œSteel Pier” The University of Utah’s Department of Theatre opens the 2017-18 season in full swing with β€œSteel Pier,” a crowd pleasing musical that will have audiences toe-tapping in their seats. Directed and choreographed by Denny Berry, head of the […]

2017 social media recap

For students of all shapes and sizes, senior year to first-year, 2017 was huge β€” the Class of ’17 was our largest graduating class, and the Class of ’21 was our biggest group of new students. And as always, the sunsets (and snowstorms) were epic.

Comet NEOWISE lit up skies and social media

Comet NEOWISE blazed across the skies of the northern hemisphere and won’t return for 6,800 years. If you missed it, never fearβ€”the University of Utah community captured stunning photos of this once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event.

2018 Social Media Recap

This year’s U social media reflected the gamut of emotions and events experienced on campus. And, as always, the U’s Instagram featured the signature stunning vistas of the U.

Safety standards

New position leads Campus Security, public safety compliance and accreditation efforts.