Student Life

UNIVERSITY DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AWARD Deadline: Sept. 23 The Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes significant contributions to the teaching mission of the University of Utah. Up to four faculty members will be recognized as outstanding teachers with an award of $5,000. Tenure-line and career-line faculty are eligible with one award available to non-tenure line faculty. To be […]

High fives

Here are five cool projects highlighted in the 2017 Student Innovation at the U report, published by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.


Ben Nemtin, No. 1 New York Times best-selling author and star of MTV’s β€œThe Buried Life,” gave the keynote address at commencement and provided students with five steps to make the impossible possible.


“I spent almost 24 years in the Navy before β€œretiring” and working at the U. I now bike about 600-800 miles a month β€” the only limitations in life are the ones we place on ourselves.”

Fee cut among measures to aid students

Other measures benefiting students include a tuition freeze, the elimination of online course fees and the creation of an emergency aid fund.

Making the American dream a reality

The U’s American Dream Ideas Challenge will announce the top 10 finalists on Wednesday, selected from more than 150 proposals offering a wide range of ideas for how to help Utah’s middle class prosper.

Humans of the U: July-October

Sharing compelling stories from the heart of the U’s campus. Read a round-up of the latest Humans of the U.

The science of addiction

The U’s Genetic Science Learning Center received $150,000 from the Utah Legislature in early 2018 to teach middle and high school students about the science of opioid addiction and the physiological and psychological aspects of pain, among other topics.