Heart failure support teams

A team approach to cardiac care increases the chance of surviving severe complications from a heart attack.

No One Dies Alone

An organization on campus aims to help people communicate to their loved ones how they want to live out the end of their life.


Six months. That’s how long patients suffering with chronic, and sometimes debilitating, pain were told to wait at the U’s headache clinic. The seriousness of the situation was not lost on clinic staff, but for years a solution had eluded them, until now.


Read mindfulness 101, an academic’s “field notes” on her own dementia, law alums and students joining forces to free an innocent man who spent 22 years in prison and more.

The fight against cancer

New technology at the Huntsman Cancer Institute will soon be able to treat young cancer patients with more targeted radiation therapy.

Mysterious vaping illness markers identified 

The finding may allow doctors to definitively diagnose the nascent syndrome more quickly and provide the right treatment sooner. It could also provide clues into the causes of the new and mysterious condition.

Physician assistants’ vital role

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Utah Physician Assistant Program, one of the oldest PA education programs in the country.