Weight loss and fad diets

Weight loss and the fad diets, sore throat home remedies and more

COVID-19 and the metropolis

Many have assumed that densely populated areas like city centers are more conducive to the spread of COVID-19. A new study finds that the opposite may be true.

A Healthier U

ADD CANCER PREVENTION TO YOUR KITCHEN WITH HCI AND HARMONS By Huntsman Cancer Institute Shopping for cancer-fighting foods just got easier, thanks to a partnership between Huntsman Cancer Institute and Harmons Grocery. The partnership came out of the organizations’ shared interest in teaching the public about healthy eating and how it can help prevent cancer […]


U study finds drivers of hate in the U.S. have distinct regional differences.


Bring electronic waste, as well as personal documents and unused pharmaceuticals to the U on April 22 for responsible recycling and disposal.

Following in her father’s footsteps

Meet the father-daughter duo who graduated from the U and embarked on a path of public service. They hope to inspire others from diverse backgrounds to also run for public office.

Finding your motivation

Health coachΒ Nick GalliΒ provides strategies to get you motivated to be healthier and stay that way.