Coronavirus testing: What you should know for spring semester

Knowing how many infections there are and how fast that infection is spreading to others helps inform strategies to contain the virus and helps us plan to take care of the people that become sick from the virus.


One of the most well-respected economic and ethics scholars of our time is coming to the U to share his perspective on the β€œEthics and Economics of Global Justice.”


U faculty recognized for teaching, scholarly and creative research, service, innovation and impact, community-engaged teaching and more.

We will not let hate win

Please join us in naming, disrupting and dismantling anti-Asian hate on our campus, in our neighborhoods and in our country.

Face covering myths debunked

Addressing the common misconceptions about face coverings using scientific evidence.

The importance of good nutrition

That little packet of oatmeal you had for breakfast is 30% sugar. Really. NutritionistΒ Thunder Jalili shares the one simple fact about eating healthier.

Not a bunch of ‘croc’

U scientists have found that multiple ancient groupsβ€”including relatives of crocodiles and alligatorsβ€”were not the carnivores we know today, but veggie eaters.

A second chance at life

Law students assist in clearing old criminal records at Salt Lake County Expungement Day.