Should I be taking antibiotics?

For years, antibiotics were the go-to treatment for many medical conditions, but new evidence shows that the overprescribing or incorrect use of these medications can lead to worse infections and potential superbugs and even hurt your microbiome.


Inaugural class to graduate from the U’s School of Dentistry.

The Wheels of Winter

It’s snow season, and freezing temperatures are the norm, but that doesn’t mean you have to hang up your bike.

Safe & Sound

INCIDENT AND NEAR-MISS REPORTING Timely reporting of incidents such as injuries is critical.  Regulatory bodies have reporting requirements that can result in citations and penalties if not followed. Tracking of near misses can help identify problem areas before an injury occurs. OSHA defines a near miss as an, β€œunplanned event that did not result in […]

On-the-job injury reporting

Supervisors play a critical role in the U’s occupational health and safety compliance programs.

Stop the Bleed: Save lives

Attend a training on May 16 aimed at informing campus on what to do during a trauma emergency.

Shake down

Department of Public Safety wants everyone to practice earthquake preparedness on April 19 at 10:15 a.m. during the Great Utah ShakeOut.