The College of Health at University of Utah Health has been awarded a six-year, $6.5 million grant to study non-drug treatment of back pain among active duty members of the military.

NIH award granted to study alternate treatments to opioids

Two U School of Medicine projectsβ€”one based in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences and another in the Emergency Departmentβ€”have been awarded grants through the National Institutes of Health Helping to End Addiction Long-term Initiative.


Amos Guiora, a professor at the S.J. Quinney College of Law, has organized a counter-terrorism simulation at the law school for students to experience the pressure of decision makers.


Read mindfulness 101, an academic’s β€œfield notes” on her own dementia, law alums and students joining forces to free an innocent man who spent 22 years in prison and more.


U’s Eric Garland offers insights at NIH meeting on using mindfulness as intervention for pain.

Cultivating joy through mindfulness

New research shows that a specific mind-body therapy, Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement, increases the brain’s response to natural, healthy rewards while also decreasing the brain’s response to opioid-related cues.

I, Carly

After dealing with a new challenge this past yearβ€”one that threatened her lifeβ€”Utah Soccer goalkeeper Carly Nelson discusses her recent health scare, growing up in Utah as a lesbian and the positive impact she hopes to have on her friends, family and others.

The science of addiction

The U’s Genetic Science Learning Center received $150,000 from the Utah Legislature in early 2018 to teach middle and high school students about the science of opioid addiction and the physiological and psychological aspects of pain, among other topics.