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A Healthier U

MAKING MELANOMA SCREENINGS MORE PATIENT FRIENDLY It isn’t possible to die from embarrassment – unless that embarrassment keeps patients from getting checked for melanoma. New research from the University of Pittsburgh and University of Utah shows dermatologists can reduce that possible embarrassment by doing two things: letting patients pick the gender of the doctor doing […]

What are you saving for?

Saving money and creating a budget can be stressful. Learn financial tips and tricks during U Saves Week, Feb. 23-25.

A Healthier U

Β STAYING HEALTHY AFTER A BREAK-UP By Chris Dilley There’s no doubt that our physical health is often influenced by our mental and emotional health. Research shows that depression has been linked to a number of physical ailments such as migraines, headaches, back pain, digestive issues and many others. The end of a relationship can often […]

They’ve got game

More than 40 games were displayed during this year’s EAE Play, an annual event hosted by the Entertainment Arts & Engineering (EAE) video game development program.

The overlooked casualties of COVID-19

A new study suggests more than half of health care professionals on the front lines of the pandemic could be at risk for one or more mental health problems.

Patients withhold life-threatening issues from doctors

Facing the threat of domestic violence, being a survivor of sexual assault, struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide are four topics that are difficult to broach with anyone. Including those who can help you.