50 years of the constitution

Is the Supreme Court a supreme failure? Provocative legal scholar Erwin Chemerinsky to visit the U on Feb. 4 to speak as part of the 50th annual Leary Lecture.


U students develop app to help community better understand how judges determine sentences.


The name β€œCareer and Professional Development Center” better reflects the ongoing nature of career development, and those at the center invite students to visit during their first semester.

Seal conservation strategies

Chemical records in teeth confirm elusive Alaska lake seals are one of a kind.

Humans of the U: July-October

Sharing compelling stories from the heart of the U’s campus. Read a round-up of the latest Humans of the U.

Addressing student questions and concerns about police, sexual assault investigations

This webinar address students’ questions about our police operations and processes related to sexual assault investigations, keeping victim advocacy and victim-survivor privacy in mind, and to broadly help students understand the jurisdictional issues, processes and resources that come into play in situations like this.