Textbook reviews

Textbook reviews by faculty and staff at the Marriott Library who want to assist U instructors and professors with their textbook choices.

2017 social media recap

For students of all shapes and sizes, senior year to first-year, 2017 was huge β€” the Class of ’17 was our largest graduating class, and the Class of ’21 was our biggest group of new students. And as always, the sunsets (and snowstorms) were epic.

Meet interim CSO Keith Squires

Squires approaches safety holistically by looking at the needs of the community and providing resources that can truly make a difference.


From defending the dark, a formula to predict attraction to infotainment in cars and bovine-burying badger: A look back at the innovative and ground-breaking research being done at the U in 2017.

Polar adventures in math

Researchers Ken Golden and Jody Reimer use math to understand changing polar environments.

The ethics of medicine

Harriet A. Washington, author and medical ethicist, discusses the medical perception and treatment of marginalized people.

2018 Social Media Recap

This year’s U social media reflected the gamut of emotions and events experienced on campus. And, as always, the U’s Instagram featured the signature stunning vistas of the U.


If you missed some of the top-clicked stories of the year, don’t fret. You can find them here.