ASUU provides students extra services during the most stressful time of the semester.

Turning class into clinic

The University of Utah Board of Trustees recognized students Allyson Armstrong and Katharine Blumenthal with the prestigious 2015-16 Ivory Prize for Excellence in Student Leadership at its April meeting.

Ivory Prize: Call for nominations

Recognize outstanding undergraduates by nominating them for the Ivory Prize. Winners receive $2,000 and a $10,000 donation to their cause.

Stressed, anxious and overwhelmed

Our student community is balancing classes, homework, friends, family and their own mental health. So #CheckOnYourUCrew with these resources in mind.

Senate Summary | March 29, 2021

If you missed the Academic Senate meeting on March 29, 2021, or need a refresher, then keep reading for the highlights from the meeting.