The Wheels of Winter

It’s snow season, and freezing temperatures are the norm, but that doesn’t mean you have to hang up your bike.

A Healthier U

NAVIGATING THE NO-MAN’S-LAND BETWEEN PEDIATRICS AND ADULT CANCER CARE By Brynn Fowler, MPH; Anne Kirchhoff, Ph.D., MPH and Lor Randall, M.D. Patients diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15-39 sometimes enter a β€œno-man’s-land” of cancer care. These adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients may not fit the usual profiles for either pediatric or adult […]

‘Meet me where I am’

During Sundance Film Festival 2022, University of Utah Health premiered “Meet Me Where I Am,” a documentary short film that follows the journey of 61-year-old Adolphus Nickleberry, a patient at our Intensive Outpatient Clinic (IOC).


A team of transdisciplinary U students created a new, portable, hand-held treatment device to help prevent cervical cancer in the developing world where doctors and equipment are scarce.

Suicide prevention: 3 ways to help

Social Work Professor Phillip Osteen offers insights on suicide prevention research and tips for getting help for someone who is at risk.


β€œI’m from Gilgit Baltistan, the north of Pakistan. I moved to Islamabad for my undergraduate degree in environmental engineering. After graduation, I wanted to get an education abroad, but due to some financial issues I could not continue my studies further. I got a job but it was not enough for me to live in […]