Social soup

Lecture series explores economic and environmental issues surrounding food, while audience enjoys freshly made vegetarian soup.

Nepalese student gives back

Social work student gives back to earthquake-ravaged homeland.


New certificate program provides education to students who want to help those living in refugee camps. First cohort graduating after time in Malawai and Kenya.


Office of Sustainability releases five-year Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund report.

Humans of the U: Tiffany Baffour

“I participated in my first anti-apartheid protest when I was 12 years old. I think that was really a catalyst for me to start thinking about social change and how we can all have an impact on larger social and policy issues.”

Social skills

Twitter has become a useful tool for faculty and researchers in the world of academia, allowing them to connect with peers across the globe on ideas and developments pertinent to their work.

Celebrate Social Work Month

Throughout March, the College of Social Work will join the National Association of Social Workers in celebrating Social Work Month.

Fulfilling a dream

A husband honors his late wife by creating a scholarship at the University of Utah College of Social Work.