COVID-19 complication clues

An overactive defense response may lead to increased blood clotting, disease severity and death from COVID-19, but a naturally occurring protein may quiet that response.


Video game created by U students helps combat lazy eye in kids.

Responding to incidents of racism and bias

The Racist and Bias Incident Response Team oversees university protocols, programs and processes to provide appropriate and calculated responses to incidents involving bias and racism at the university.


U alum Jacki Dover joins U.S. global HIV/AIDS response to help achieve sustainable control of the epidemic.

Racist and Bias Incident Response Team

The team is working to streamline reporting, tracking, response and communication efforts to address racist and bias incidents on campus.

Addressing student questions and concerns about police, sexual assault investigations

This webinar address students’ questions about our police operations and processes related to sexual assault investigations, keeping victim advocacy and victim-survivor privacy in mind, and to broadly help students understand the jurisdictional issues, processes and resources that come into play in situations like this.

Halloween eye safety

You might see a lot of scary sights on Halloweenβ€”most of them fun and harmless. But one freaky sight you want to avoid is an eye infection caused by illegal colored contact lensesβ€”also called β€œfashion” or β€œcostume” lenses.

Safe & Sound

Emergency Response Guides The University of Utah’s Emergency Response Guide provides information on what to do and who to contact in the event of an emergency. These emergency guides are required to be accessible to everyone and are intended to be discussed and reviewed by all workgroups and departments for relevant information to their work […]