Safe & Sound

SPILL KITS Preparedness is a critical component of emergency response.Β  All university laboratories will have access to a chemical spill kit, capable of controlling a manageable spill of hazardous materials in the laboratory.Β  These spill kits may be assembled by the laboratory or they may be purchased. The Department of Occupational and Environmental Health and […]

Asymptomatic testing available now

All U staff, students and faculty can take weekly accurate saliva tests without exhibiting symptoms, run by the Health Sciences Center Sequencing Core lab.

Your lying eyes

When John Kircher, professor of educational psychology, arrived at the U as a graduate student in 1977, he wasn’t interested in studying lie detector technology, but after a sequence of events early in his career, he has become a leading expert in the detection of deception.

Sex, lice and videotape

Biologists drove the divergence of different-sized feather lice from a single population. In four years the evolved lice had trouble mating with each other, a sign of speciation and they caught it on tape.