Destigmatizing mental illness

U of U Health partnered with Sundance for a panel of experts on the front lines of the mental illness epidemic in Utah.

Understanding female infertility

Researchers identify genes associated with polycystic ovary syndrome.

COVID-19 and the metropolis

Many have assumed that densely populated areas like city centers are more conducive to the spread of COVID-19. A new study finds that the opposite may be true.

Autism and steroid hormone changes

Researchers atΒ University of Utah HealthΒ have identified a link between autism and steroid hormone changes detected in the mother’s blood that may be detected as early as the second trimester.


U study found that certain parenting strategies can combat the negative effects of a mother’s depression on an infant.

Unique brain cells linked to OCD and anxiety

In a new study, U scientists discovered a new lineage of specialized brain cells, called Hoxb8-lineage microglia, and established a link between the lineage and OCD and anxiety in mice.

Answers to questions about the U’s COVID testing

The goal is to identify those who are asymptomatic and provide them with an opportunity to isolate themselves on campus or at home while the virus runs its course.


The University of Utah’s Wind Ensemble releases its first two CDs, featuring David Maslanka, Jeff Nelson and Adam Frey.