COVID-19 complication clues

An overactive defense response may lead to increased blood clotting, disease severity and death from COVID-19, but a naturally occurring protein may quiet that response.

Genetic testing motivates behavior change

A new study led by researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute investigated whether testing would motivate people at risk of melanoma to make changes to reduce risk.


Harvard’s Journalist’s Resource story examining reporters’ personal identities online features research by U communication professor Avery Holton.

A Healthier U

NATIONAL DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM By Peak Health and Fitness What is the University of Utah CDC-National Diabetes Prevention Program?​ A study done by the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group in 2002 showed that type 2 diabetes can be prevented in adults at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes by making moderate lifestyle changes. Since […]

Unique brain cells linked to OCD and anxiety

In a new study, U scientists discovered a new lineage of specialized brain cells, called Hoxb8-lineage microglia, and established a link between the lineage and OCD and anxiety in mice.


Beverly Alvarez wasn’t the best student growing up, but she vividly recalls a few teachers who showed her constant encouragement and made her see her own potential. Now graduating at 59 years old, Alvarez hopes to become a teacher who makes a difference in a child’s life.

From freedom rider to congressman

Civil rights icon John Lewis’s graphic novels make classroom appearance in anticipation of his campus visit Nov. 10.