A new view of wintertime air pollution

A new study could help improve air quality in Salt Lake City and other cities across the U.S. West.


A remarkably detailed picture of the climate and ecology during the Triassic Period explains why dinosaurs failed to establish dominance near the equator for 30 million years.

A new view on life

A University of Utah medical student helps a man experiencing homelessness recover his vision.


Six U students received the prestigious Fulbright scholarships and will travel across the globe to teach English and conduct research.

The Arts and U

National Geographic live, a concert and masterclass with American composer Anna Weesner, the first Jazz at the CafΓ© of the year and a β€œsurvival-of-the-fittest” production of β€œMacbeth.”

What are you saving for?

Saving money and creating a budget can be stressful. Learn financial tips and tricks during U Saves Week, Feb. 23-25.