“I’ll never forget when the first service dog my husband and I trained met his veteran. We were at the airport to meet our veteran. We saw him coming around the corner in his wheelchair, and he went straight to his dog, Ares (who he named after the God of War), and said, β€˜I’ve been waiting a really long time for you,’ and for a few minutes, the pair were so connected they weren’t even aware of the rest of us around them.”

A Healthier U

NATIONAL CANCER PREVENTION MONTH February is National Cancer Prevention Month. About 1 in 5 people believe there’s not much you can do to lower cancer risk. But did you know 50 percent of cancers can be prevented by doing just five things?Learn more aboutΒ cancer risk and prevention as well as cancer screenings and early detection. […]


As the Class of 2018 prepares to celebrate its success, meet a few of the graduates and remember the ones we’ve highlighted over the last few weeks.

Honoring our veterans

The U will pay tribute to 11 veterans at its 21st annual Veterans Day commemoration ceremony, Friday, Nov. 9, 2018.

Relief efforts for Nepal

Assistant professor Lindsay Gezinski had been scheduled to visit Nepal on a research trip just days after the recent devastating earthquake hit the country, but now is organizing a campaign to aid those affected.

5 hidden trail gems to socially distance

Check out these great trails in Utah, perfect for getting outdoors and staying socially distant while appreciating the beauty of our state.


Freelance journalist Casey Coombs was freed earlier this month in Yemen after being held hostage for two weeks by the Houthis, a rebel group that overthrew the Yemeni government earlier this year.

Social work in Myanmar

The U is helping fill critical need for social workers in Myanmar.

Getting back in the game

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell delivers the keynote address during the 2021 General Commencement ceremony.