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Studies show living on campus has many benefits, including a higher graduation rate, a consistently higher GPA and more. Apply to live on campus starting Feb. 10.

There are many reasons why you should consider living on campus. Studies show that students who live on campus are typically more likely to come back to campus each year to continue working on their degree and ultimately graduate. Students who live on campus also consistently have a higher GPA than students who live off-campus. We met with Erica Andersen to help us understand the process for applying to live on campus.

Why live on campus?

When you live on campus you are becoming part of a community that will provide you with opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities that are meant to instill a sense of belonging at the university, help you succeed academically, become civically engaged and develop as a person. Currently, 48 percent of first-time, first-year students live on campus, which makes up about 15 percent of undergraduates at the university. Our on-campus community is made up of students from over 52 different countries, student athletes, transfer students, honors students, undergraduate, masters and doctoral students.

When can I apply to live on campus?

Whether you are a new student, a transfer student, or a current student at the University of Utah (living on or off campus), the housing application for the 2017-2018 year will open on Feb. 10. You can access the housing application by logging into the Campus Information System (CIS) and selecting Housing U under the Student Housing section. Read more about the process here.

What type of housing options are available to me?

On-campus housing offers a wide variety of living accommodations for students who are pursuing a full-time course load (this means that you need to be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours as an undergraduate student, and six credit hours as a graduate student if you want to live on campus). We offer a wide variety of options including; single, double and triple rooms and suites in traditional Residence Hall style facilities, apartment style options and more. We have halls and buildings that are either co-ed or single gender, 24-hour fitness areas and common spaces for socializing, studying, or relaxing in many of our facilities. You also have the opportunity to consider living in a Living Learning Community (LLC) or Theme Community (TC), through which you will live alongside peers who share your interests academically or socially. Learn more about your housing options here, and about LLCs and TCs here.

When is the last day I can apply?

Housing within HRE is limited, so we encourage you to apply early as housing is not guaranteed! The priority date to apply to an LLC is March 10, 2017. The priority deadline for returning or transfer students is March 27, 2017, for general housing. The priority deadline for first-year student general housing is April 1, 2017. You can find our full timeline and priority dates here. Please note if you miss the above dates, open housing sign-up offered starting mid-April based on availability. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee housing and we do manage a wait list for housing.

How do I select a roommate?

You’ll need to start your application and complete Section 1. In that section you’ll answer a few questions about personal preferences. These responses will be used to provide a list of possible roommates in Section 2. When you are able to proceed to Section 2 you’ll be able to view a list of “matches.” You can contact these students and get to know each other via email and settle on a room that works for both of you. If you’re already friends with someone then you can link to each other as preferences and when you book a room it will pull them in to the room if there is space available.

What does tentative vs. reserved status mean?

Your tentative booking status means you have not paid your $200 reservation fee and completed your application. In other words, you have not committed to living on campus. When you make that tentative booking you have 72 hours to pay your $200 reservation and confirm your reservation. If you have not confirmed your booking and completed the application, you could lose your booking. This means you might have to find another room.

What is the difference between cancelling your booking versus terminating your contract?

A student has the option of cancelling their booking in Housing U. This allows them to delete their current room assignment and find another room to book. Do not mistake cancelling your room assignment with terminating your contract. You can cancel your room booking and still be under contract. If you wish to terminate, meaning you wish to not live on campus, then you must complete the contract termination form through Housing U. Please note that there may be termination fees associated with cancelling your contract prior to occupancy depending on the date at which you submit.

What is a lottery time?

Your lottery time is the date and time during which you can log-in to officially reserve and pick your room. A lottery time is an assigned to all students who apply before HRE’s priority deadlines. These dates and times are randomly generated and sent to students. This means that as long as you complete Section 1 of the application before your priority date you should get a time. Applying earlier does not guarantee an earlier lottery time. Lottery times will be sent out via email (to UMail) so be sure to check these regularly. For a complete timeline of when times will be sent, read here.

What is the Wait list? Can I know my place on the wait list?

When space fills up within HRE buildings, students interested in living on-campus can join our waitlist. Your place on the waitlist is determined by several factors including when you signed up for the waitlist, and your status as an international/out-of-state/in-state student. Rooms are offered as availability opens up on a regular basis. Housing Representatives are not allowed to disclose where you are on the list due to privacy reasons, however, HRE staff will provide you with regular updates regarding your involvement in the waitlist process.

Apply to live on campus starting Feb. 10 at

Questions? Call us anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday- Friday at 801-587-2002 or send as an email at

Watch this live tour of a campus residence, including a Q & A with Housing staff members: