Student Discounts

The ASUU Student Services board at the University of Utah is fundamental in providing students exclusive deals and discounts at local restaurants, retail stores, theaters and supermarkets with their UCards.

To do this, the Student Services Board surveys students to identify the discounts most students most want. Board representatives then work to form relationships with local business owners and negotiate deals for these services.

Between September 2016 and January 2017, the Student Services Board has succeeded in securing 25 exclusive deals for UCard holders from businesses within Salt Lake City. They range from frequently visited restaurants like Village Inn, Red Robin, Costa Vida, and The Dodo to popular businesses like Whole Foods, Great Harvest, Brewvies, and Aubergine & Co. Most of these deals involve a 10-15 percent discount for any purchase when students present their UCards.

Student Services has also worked with local entertainment centers like the Utah Symphony and Opera, The Leonardo and Ballet West in order to attract students looking to save money while exploring the city.

Retailers in City Creek like Ann Taylor, Express, and Banana Republic have also been willing to offer a 10-15 percent discount for students on all of their product. Computer and electronics retailers like Best Buy, Microsoft, Sony and Apple are also offering exclusive discounts and deals for U students who need to purchase a new laptop when they present their UCard.

Most recently we are excited to announce the following discounts available to all UCard holders, both staff and students, starting this week at Whole Foods in Trolley Square:

  • March 16-31: get half off any deli Item (one coupon per transaction)
    • Salad bar, hot bar, wraps, paleo entrees, burritos, sushi, asian bowls, pizza, & sandwiches.
    • Up to $15
  • April 1-15: Get a free PROBAR at the Customer Service Desk
  • April 15-30: $10 off your purchase of $50 or more

Our team continues to meet and collaborate on finding additional ways to benefit students. For the most up-to-date information about UCard discounts visit: Visit

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Dan’s on Foothill Drive: With a UCard, get 10 percent off on Thursdays; the discount only applies if enrolled in the Plus Program.
Village Inn 910 E. 500 South: With a UCard, you get 10 percent off with a UCard for any day except Wednesday.
Office Max 410 S. 900 East: With a UCard, you get a 65 percent discount on printing any documents (except for binder papers or large formatted papers).
Jiffy Lube on 677 E. 400 South: With a UCard, you get 15 percent off any service.
The Pie Pizzeria on 1320 E. 200 South: With a UCard, you get 10 percent off any purchase; the discount also applies to deliveries.
The Dodo 1355 E. 2100 South: You can get a discount on Game Days if you dress in Utah athletics attire.
Red Robin 1313 Foothill Drive: With a UCard, you get 15 percent off your meal
Holladay Cinema Six (“Water Gardens”) 1945 E. Murray Holladay Road: With a UCard you get a $4 movie ticket.
Brewvies 677 S. 200 West: With a UCard, you can get $2 off a movie ticket
Costa Vida 1414 S. Foothill Drive, Suite C: Your UCard will get you all daily specials for $7.99 any day.
Great Harvest 905 E. 900 South: With a UCard, you can get 10 percent off any product.
Sam’s Club 1905 S. 300 West: With a UCard you can get a $15 Gift Card when you open a new account.
Tucano’s 162 S. 400 West: Your UCard can gives you access to Tuesday Discounts: dinner for the price of lunch. There are also Loyalty Programs where every meal is $10 off.
Sony: If you open an account with your UCard, you can get 10 percent off all products.
Bed Bath and Beyond in the Sugarhouse Shopping Center: You can get a 20 percent off coupon an exclusive offers with Bed Bath and Beyond when you sign up to receive their college emails.
Banana Republic in the City Creek Center: Your UCard can get you 15 percent off all full priced items.
J Crew in the City Creek Center: Your UCard can get you 15 percent off your purchase.
Ann Taylor in the City Creek Center and 1170 E. 2100 South: Your UCard can get you 15 percent off your purchase.