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UTA will be adjusting its FrontRunner schedule, all TRAX schedules and nearly all bus schedules beginning April 8, 2018.

Please be aware of changes that will affect anyone using UTA to commute to and from work.

UTA is changing its schedules on April 8, 2018.

Due to the implementation of federally-mandated Positive Train Control (safety measures established by the U.S. Department of Transportation) requirements on its commuter rail system, UTA will be adjusting its FrontRunner schedule. This change requires UTA to make scheduling adjustments throughout its system in order to preserve connections and transfers. As a result, all TRAX schedules and nearly all bus schedules will be adjusted starting April 8.

More information is available here. In addition, UTA’s Trip Planner and Customer Service department are available to assist you in planning your trip so that you can be prepared to get where you need to go when the changes take effect.

Click here to see a pdf of all changes.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming change day:

Where can see if my route is changing?

Check UTA’s change day schedule or see UTA’s change day details page. Changes will be available individual route pages. Change day information will be listed in the upper right hand corner of each route page.

When will changes take place?

Changes will be implemented on Sunday, April 8, 2018.

Why are so many routes changing?

UTA is implementing Positive Train Control (PTC). This federally-required safety system ensures that trains stop at designated locations and prevents them from reaching excessive speeds or entering unauthorized portions of track. Implementing PTC means that it will take FrontRunner slightly more time to travel between Provo and Ogden. Schedules for most bus routes and all three TRAX lines will change to ensure that they still coordinate with FrontRunner schedules.

How do I get help figuring out the new schedules or planning a trip?

Contact UTA on Twitter, at @RideUTA or by calling customer service at 801-RIDE-UTA (743-3882). UTA’s happy to explain their new schedules and help you plan your trip.

FrontRunner Changes

Schedules will change to accommodate the new Positive Train Control system. Click here for details.

TRAX/S-Line Changes

Schedules for all three TRAX lines will change to improve reliability and align with new FrontRunner schedules. The S-Line’s schedule will not change. Click here for details.

Weber, Davis and Box Elder County Changes

Routes 455473603604612613616625626627630650 and 667 are changing to align with new TRAX and FrontRunner schedules. Due to low ridership, route 630’s 6:35 a.m. southbound trip will now end service at the Ogden Transit Center and will no longer serve Weber State University. Route 470 will serve the Lagoon Campground on Sundays and Ogden’s Midtown Clinic on Saturdays and Sundays. Weber and Davis county ski service will end April 1. Click here to see a full list of changes.

Salt Lake County Changes

Routes 22X361121333535M39414547546272200201205213217220227228232240248500513516519520525526 and 551 are changing to align with new TRAX and FrontRunner schedules. Route 21 will add a westbound evening trip, route 209 will add a northbound morning trip and eliminate a northbound evening trip, and route 307 has been shorted. Click here to see a full list of changes.

Utah County Changes

Routes 809821830838 and 850 will change to align with the FrontRunner schedule. Routes 805806807831841 and 862 will also change to align with FrontRunner as well as help alleviate congestion at Utah Valley University. Route 811 will change to align with TRAX connections. A trip will be eliminated from route 833, and route 834 will extended service to the Orem City Center. Route 840 will end service for the summer after UVU finals conclude. Route 863 will change to accommodate the FrontRunner schedule and serve a new area, and route 864 will offer new service west of Thanksgiving Point. Click here to see a full list of changes.

Ski Service

Routes 674 and 675 to Powder Mountain and Snowbasin will end service for the season on April 1. Route 880 to Sundance will end service on March 31. Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon routes will end service on April 7. Click here to see a full list of changes.

Flex Routes

Routes F94F504F518F522F546F547F570F578 will be adjusted to align with new TRAX schedules. F618 will now serve the Lantern House facility in Ogden. Click here to see a full list of changes.

PC-SLC Changes

Route 901 will be discontinued for the season. Weekend service will end on route 902, and the route will have minor schedule adjustments. Click here to see a full list of changes.