Spread the word, not the virus

As faculty, staff and students slowly come back to campus we are asking everyone in the community to take the utmost caution to avoid the spread of COVID-19. This includes wearing face coverings when unable to maintain physical distancing. The university will be providing face coverings to all faculty and staff to help make this possible.

Print & Mail Services will distribute the masks directly to departments where they can be given out to those who need them. We are hoping to have the masks available in the coming week. For more information check back on @theU for more information.

In addition to distributing masks, Print & Mail Services—in collaboration with University Marketing & Communications—is launching a campaign to remind people of the importance of wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing. The campaign features members of the campus community wearing appropriate face coverings with messaging about how to stay safe while on campus. Departments will be able to place orders with Print & Mail Services for posters, A-frames, floor signs and other items with the campaign messaging. You can also get more information about staying safe on campus here.

We are all anxious for things to return to normal. However, that cannot happen until we stop the spread of COVID-19 on campus and in the greater Salt Lake City area. We can do that by coming together and protecting ourselves and each other with just a few small changes to our normal routines. Remember, we are all One U.