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Repaving around U

Beginning May 7 through August 2018, UDOT will begin repaving the roads on three sides of campus. Find all the information you need to know about the impacts and alternate transportation options here.

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As of Monday, May 14, the UDOT repaving project has changed significantly. Some information has been updated to adequately reflect those changes.

Go here for the latest updates.


Beginning Monday, May 7 through August 2018, UDOT will begin repaving the roads on three sides of campus. Find all the information you need to know about the impacts here and information to help cut down on single occupant vehicles coming to campus including biking, walking, train, bus, carpooling and telecommuting.

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UDOT Road Repaving Projects

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North Campus Drive | TBD

UDOT crews will reduce North Campus Drive to one eastbound lane from 7 p.m. tonight, Monday, May 14 to 6 a.m. Tuesday, May 15, while temporary asphalt is placed. Salt Lake City Police Department will be present to assist traffic.Following this work, all lanes will remain open until the traffic management plan is adjusted.


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Mario Capecchi Drive and South Campus Drive | June-August 2018

In response to major delays on North Campus Drive last week, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is postponing work on the road while UDOT collaborates with the university to revise the construction and traffic plan. In the meantime, UDOT is shifting its resources to begin asphalt removal and replacement on Mario Capecchi Drive between North Campus Drive and Foothill Drive.

The work on Mario Capecchi Drive is planned to begin tomorrow, Tuesday, May 15. Single lane closures are scheduled to occur nightly. It is recommended that motorists leave early and plan for extra time — 15-minute delays can be expected.

All lanes will remain open to accommodate traffic during the morning and afternoon commutes. One lane will remain open in each direction during night work, and 24/7 on the weekends.

North Campus Drive Project background:

UDOT has been working closely with the University of Utah in planning for work to be done on North Campus Drive. Following the plan’s implementation last week, it was determined that changes were necessary to ensure each organization’s commitment to:

  • Maintaining access to all hospitals and clinics for emergency crews, patients, and staff.
  • Providing a safe work zone width for construction crews.
  • Reducing the timeframe of the project to ensure the lowest possible traffic impact.

More information about plans for North Campus Drive will be provided as confirmed. Visit UDOT for details, updates and contact information.

Click here for shuttle routes impacted by the construction.[/bs_well]

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Alternative transportation options

The U is a proud supporter of staff telecommuting as an alternative to commuting to campus.  Telecommuting is a flexible work arrangement that allows an employee to work at home or elsewhere for part or all of their regular work schedule. And it’s a great option to lower your carbon footprint and to keep your car off campus. Talk with your department to see if telecommuting could work with your schedule and job duties. See the full policy here.

Jump on your new e-bike and cruise up hill to campus. Now through May 26 you can buy an electric bike at a discount though U Bike Electric. E-bikes make hill climbing easier and have zero emissions.  Commuter Services now runs a Campus Bike shop, located in the Annex Building. The mechanic will fix any problem on your bike and charge only for the cost of parts. Register your bike with Commuter Services and stop in for a tune up

Skip rush hour traffic, screeching tires, honking horns, and angry drivers as UTA takes you right past traffic congestion. University staff, faculty and students can ride UTA at no additional cost by simply tapping their UCard before getting on the bus or train. Whether it’s TRAX, FrontRunner or buses, UTA has an option that gets you to the U fast. Check out UTA’s website for schedules or trip planning.

Carpool with co-workers or fellow classmates. Simply buy one permit, share the costs with peers, enter all of your license plates, and bring one car to campus. Carpooling is a great alternative to help save you money, cut down on your carbon footprint and create more parking on campus for everyone.

Parking is not always easy or simple at the U, so ditch your car, the headache and start taking alternative modes of transportation to work.[/bs_well]


Below is a list of construction projects for summer 2018. For more detailed mapping of construction impacts, please visit Planning, Design & Construction and make sure to check @theU Commuter & Construction Updates section for new and ongoing projects.

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Alumni House | Through beginning of May 2018

The Alumni house is completed and scheduled to open at the beginning of May. Minor disruption may flow into the beginning of May for project site clean-up.[/bs_well]

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Garff Executive Education Building | Through July 2018

Given the programs current and projected growth, construction of GEEB is underway. The new Executive Education building is set to open at the end of July 2018. The new building includes new offices, break out rooms, conference rooms, online studios, career centers, IT labs and more. Pedestrian traffic paths will not change with the exception of the circulation improvement projects in the surrounding areas.[/bs_well]

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Gardner Commons | Through August 2018

Summer will mark the final construction phases for the new Gardner Commons, scheduled to open August 2018. The center offers a modern, new home for students, faculty and staff. In addition to the Gardner site, the HYPER Mall Playfield will be closed for the summer for installation of the storm water drain.[/bs_well]

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Gardner Hall Music Library | Through July 2018

Interior remodeling of the computer lab in the music library will be taking place throughout the summer. Some noise and dust disturbances should be expected. The sidewalk east of Gardner Hall will be closed. Pedestrians should use the sidewalk west of Kingsbury Hall.[/bs_well]

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Student Services Building lot | May 2018-December 2018

The lot between the Browning building and the Student Services Building will be closed to public access for High Temperature Water Line Replacement.[/bs_well]


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Campus Center Drive | May-August 2018

The parking / road area south of the GEEB building will be under construction throughout the duration of the summertime. A portion of Central Campus Drive will be turned into a pedestrian plaza. The installation of this pedestrian path will help resolve access issues to Huntsman for ADA and other active transit paths.[/bs_well]

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LNCO sidewalks | May-August 2018

The sidewalk/plaza area North of LNCO will be closed for circulation improvements in hopes to address the issues with inadequate pedestrian, bike, ADA access to the Humanities portion of campus. The construction will create a more pleasing, and clear pathway linking student housing to the east through various academic and student facilities.[/bs_well]

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Wasatch Drive pedestrian pathway | June-August 2018

A portion of Wasatch Drive between Eccles Broadcast Center and the Student Life Center will be under construction for pedestrian pathway upgrades. Only one lane will remain open for the duration of the summer.[/bs_well]

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Campus Store sidewalks | May-June 2018

A small portion of the sidewalk in between the Campus Store and the Block U hill will be closed off for sidewalk replacement and repair.[/bs_well]

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Student Union ground level parking lot | June-August 2018

The parking lot north of the Union building will be closed for the duration of the summer for repairs.[/bs_well]