Construction & Commuter Updates


–    The sidewalks surrounding the Huntsman Arena on all sides will be closed off for periods throughout the next two weeks due to renovation on the air tunnels. Work is expected to finish Nov. 9, 2016.


–    The fence at OSH will expand to the shape it will take for the duration of this school year. An accessible temporary sidewalk will go in between OSH and LNCO on the south west side of Central Campus Drive. The yellow, slightly thicker fence lines on the map below indicate areas with a covered walkway.


–    The Film and Media Arts Building is undergoing roof replacements and is expected to be completed Nov. 14, 2016.

–   Salt Lake City begins construction of university to downtown bikeway. This will be completed in mid-November. For more information, go here.

–    The sidewalk around the HPER West as well as the southern exits of the building will be closed due to noise and dust disturbance as trenching and earthwork will be taking place in this area for high temperature water line updates. This project will be completed Nov. 30, 2016.

–    Work continues to complete the electric bus route that will run north/south, connecting the Business Loop to the loop near the Union. The sidewalk between Tanner Humanities and LNCO (noted as Phase 2 in the image below) will be closed until the end of fall semester to complete the roadway for the bus. As an alternative, pedestrians should take the pathway through the LNCO plaza between OSH and LNCO immediately to the west of this path.

–    The east side of the Business Loop is under construction. Tanner Dance is accessible from the west end of the loop and both entrances to the Central Parking Garage are open. A portion of the loop on the east side is fenced off to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Parking lot 12 (west of the main garage) remains open. This is expected to be completed on Nov. 30, 2016.

–    The Alumni House is under renovation. Expect noise and dust disturbance impacting some pedestrian paths. Expected to be complete August 2017.

–    The Huntsman Cancer Institute is under renovation to add additional facilities and research spaces. The project is scheduled for completion in April 2017.

See the construction impact map below.