Construction & Commuter Updates

–    As snow begins to fall on campus, our snow removal crews work very hard to clear pathways through campus. Click here to see our snow removal priority routes. If you see an area in need of attention, please call Facilities Dispatch at 801-581-7221.

–    Questar is drilling a well for testing in the substation near the JCC/Children’s Center. This will not affect JCC or university parking as the staging and contractor parking will take place within the substations boundaries.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations locations. Click to enlarge.

–    Three stairways in Lot 50 (hospital terrace) are scheduled for repair. The projects are currently out to bid and the work is expected to begin January 2016.

–    The U is a partner with As such, new electric vehicle charging stations have been installed in the Northwest Garage and Central Garage and will be installed near Madsen Clinics and USTAR before the end of the month. For more information about electric charging permits, please call 801-581-6415.

–    Construction has begun on a new parking garage directly east of the medical towers. The garage is expected to be complete in winter of 2016. Click here for information regarding permit changes and replacement parking for “A” and “U” permit holders.

–    The HYPR Mall, running east/west, has been reopened. The sidewalk between MBH and Sorenson Arts & Ed will remain closed during construction of a road to allow for an electric shuttle to cross through the middle of campus. The sidewalk is expected to open by the beginning of spring semester. See map below for alternative route.

sidewalk closed

Shuttle road map. Click to enlarge.

See the construction impact map below.