Construction & Commuter Updates


  • MARIO CAPECCHI AND 1900 E: UDOT is putting in a new traffic signal at Mario Capecchi and 1900 East. They are removing the medians for the new traffic configurations with one lane of traffic closed in each direction. The project is scheduled to be finished around April 27.
  • Connor Road Closure: Connor Road (to Research Park) Is completely closed as of April 16 for construction, and is anticipated to be closed through May 4. Anticipate delays in the area.
  • UDOT SUMMER CONSTRUCTION: Beginning Monday, May 7 through August 2018, UDOT will begin repaving the roads on three sides of campus. Read more here or visit the UDOT construction project page for more information.
  • ALUMNI HOUSE RENOVATION ALMOST COMPLETE: The Alumni House is in its final stages of renovation. Expect noise and dust disturbances, as well as pedestrian path impacts for the rest of April. The Alumni House is set to reopen May 1, 2018.
  •  BURBIDGE CENTER CONSTRUCTION IN FINAL STAGES: The Burbidge center is set to open May 1, 2018. The project is in its final stages of construction. The fenced off area will return back to normal after May 1 and pedestrian paths may be used again.


  • THE DOMINION PIPELINE REALIGNMENT BETWEEN THE HOSPITAL AND HCI: On April 8, trenching began between the hospital and Huntsman Cancer Institute until the end of April 2018.
  • CAMPUS CENTER DRIVE SIDEWALK DISRUPTIONS: Minor sidewalk disruptions expected along Campus Center Drive next to UMFA for installation of five new sidewalk lights. The project will be completed by the end of April.
  • HUNTSMAN CENTER EAST SIDEWALK DISRUPTION: The sidewalk east of the Huntsman Center will have minor disruptions for a sidewalk lighting upgrade. The project will go until the end of May 2018. This will not impact graduation and the area will be clean for commencement.
  • UTA SCHEDULE CHANGED ON APRIL 8, 2018: Due to the implementation of federally-mandated Positive Train Control (safety measures established by the U.S. Department of Transportation) requirements on its commuter rail system, UTA will be adjusting its FrontRunner schedule. This change requires UTA to make scheduling adjustments throughout its system in order to preserve connections and transfers. As a result, all TRAX schedules and nearly all bus schedules will be adjusted starting April 8.
  • FIELD ABOVE WASATCH DRIVE: The field above Wasatch Drive is being transformed into a parking lot. Expect noise and dust disturbances throughout the duration of the project. Expected completion date is Aug. 31, 2018.
  • STUDENT LIFE WAY CONSTRUCTION: The storm water drainage project has recommenced along Student Life Way. Work will continue for several weeks with intermittent sidewalk and street closures as needed. Traffic speeds should not exceed 15 mph in the construction zone. Project is expected to be complete towards mid-April.
  • FIELD HOUSE CHILLER PLANT: Construction and closures occurring in and around the field house for capital improvements will be completed by mid-August 2018.
  • CRCC, ART, & ARCH. HIGH TEMP: High temperature water line replacement is being done on the sidewalk between CRCC, and the Art/Architecture building. Work is expected to continue through mid to late summer 2018. 
  • BEH S HIGH-TEMPERATURE TRENCHING: Trench work has begun on the sidewalk between the Marriott Library and the BEH S building. The project is expected to be complete mid-summer 2018.
  • WEST MEDICAL GARAGE CONSTRUCTION: The West Medical Garage (between the Moran Eye Center and the Ambulatory Care Complex construction) will only have access via the two widened ramps on the south side of the garage.  The east side ramp will remain closed until ACC construction is completed in 2019.
  • BEH S SEISMIC UPGRADE: Surrounding areas of the Social & Behavioral Science building will be fenced off for a seismic upgrade periodically throughout the duration of the project. This area will reopen June 2018.
  • EXECUTIVE EDUCATION BUILDING: The construction of the Executive Education Building between Sorenson Arts & Education and the Business Building (SFEBB) is underway. Construction to complete in the summer of 2018 and will be ready for fall semester.
  • GARDNER BUILDING CONSTRUCTION: Construction of the Carolyn and Kem Gardner Building is underway at the former site of OSH. Fencing will also remain posted around the field behind the humanities building. This project will continue through the summer of 2018.

See the construction impact map below.