Construction & Commuter Updates


  • STUDENT LIFE WAY/WASATCH DRIVE CLOSURES AND CONSTRUCTION: Construction of Student Life Way/Wasatch Dr. intersection will begin on Thursday, July 12. Traffic, routing and parking around McCarthey Family Track & Field, Eccles Student Life Center and Lassonde will be impacted.Wasatch Dr. will be down to one lane allowing traffic to flow northbound from Mario Capecchi to Dumke Softball Stadium. After Dumke, north and southbound traffic will be open.

    No access to Student Life Way will be available. Access the Student Life Center and Lassonde using the route between McCarthey Family Track & Field and Dumke Softball Stadium. See map to the right for closure and alternate route information.

    The 45-degree angle parking stalls on Wasatch Drive may be affected in order to allow for additional lanes of traffic to flow. People are being redirected to park in the lot directly west (lot 24).

  • SOUTH CAMPUS DRIVE: Crews are grinding the road surface to install striping and pavement markings this week. Both eastbound lanes will be closed beginning at 8 p.m. There will be one westbound lane open. This configuration will switch around midnight, when both westbound lanes will be closed with one eastbound lane open. This traffic pattern will be in effect through the end of the week. Alternative routes are encouraged for evening traffic.All lanes will be open between 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Updates from UDOT are also available by calling 1-888-556-0232 or emailing

  • NORTH CAMPUS DRIVE: Saw cutting and removal of center islands is complete. There are temporary patches in place until the islands can be reconstructed after the road surface is repaved.ADA ramps will be reconstructed this week. Crews will begin removing and replacing asphalt as soon as July 16.
    Work for North Campus Drive has shifted to nights and weekends. All lanes are open. Updates from UDOT are also available by calling 1-888-556-0232 or emailing campusdrive@utah.govClick here for more information.

  • MARIO CAPECCHI: Signs are being installed this week during the evening hours. All lanes are open. Updates from UDOT are also available by calling 1-888-556-0232 or emailing campusdrive@utah.govClick here for more information.

  • SIDEWALK IMPACTS NEAR HPER EAST AND HUNTSMAN BASKETBALL FACILITY: Phase IIB of the South Campus Housing Utility relocation begins early July. The fencing will be moved to the north-east side of Honors Housing parking lot and will cover the entire east side of the lot. No access to the gated area is permitted. Pedestrians should navigate around these fences and use alternative routes as designated by signage.


  • WASATCH DRIVE PEDESTRIAN PATHWAY UPGRADE: Wasatch Drive pedestrian pathway is being upgraded. One lane will remain open during this project, which will be completed by Aug. 15, 2018.

  • WASATCH EAST PARKING LOT: The north portion of the Eccles Broadcast Center parking lot expansion has been postponed. The east portion of the lot will still provide an additional 260 stalls once the project begins.

  • MARIO CAPECCHI SIDEWALK: The east side of Mario Capecchi Drive will be constructed from June to September 2018 to construct a sidewalk along the road. The project is expected to be complete at the end of September 2018.

  • SOUTH CAMPUS HOUSING UTILITY RELOCATION (PHASE III): The South Campus housing utility relocation has moved into a third phase. Partial sidewalk and parking lot closure. Follow the detour signs. This is expected to last until August 15, 2018.

  • STORM WATER RETENTION DRAINAGE: The road above HPER mall will be closed through Aug. 15, 2018. Access to the parking lot will be through north side of McCarthy Field.

  • HTW COMPLETION: High Temp Water Pipeline replacement completion will be occurring campus wide with sections being fenced off throughout mid-October 2018.

  • STORMWATER DRAIN PLAYFIELD CONSTRUCTION: The grass field between the McCarthey Family Track & Field and Lassonde Studios is undergoing construction to install a storm water drain. This project is expected to last two years and be complete August 2019.  Access to this area will be closed for the duration of the project.

  • CAMPUS WIDE LIGHTING UPGRADE: Various minor sidewalk disruptions will occur throughout campus from now until the end of July 2018, for campus-wide sidewalk lighting upgrades and installations.

  • HIGH TEMPERATURE WATER LINE REPLACEMENT (STUDENT SERVICES) : The north section of the Student Services front plaza will be closed to the public through December 2018,  for construction of the High Temperature Water line.

  • BEH S SEISMIC UPGRADE: Surrounding areas of the Social & Behavioral Science building will be fenced off for a seismic upgrade periodically throughout the duration of the project. This area will reopen July 17, 2018.

  • EAST MEDICAL DRIVE ROAD: The road repaving project is complete along East medical Drive between the School of Medicine and HCI Research South. Traffic is limited to one lane with an alternating traffic light to allow flow of traffic both directions.

  • BUSINESS LOOP ROAD CIRCULATION AND IMPROVEMENTS: Work has begun along Central Campus Drive to convert a portion of the road into a pedestrian plaza. The works will resolve active transit and ADA paths of travel. Work will continue throughout the summer and be ready for fall 2018.

  • STUDENT SERVICES DECK: The deck on the east side of the Student Services building is being replaced. Access through the northeast and East doors (main doors) will be closed. Please access this building from the Southeast or West side doors. The construction will last through the summer and reopen in time for fall semester.

  • HPER NORTH CONSTRUCTION: Construction surrounding HPER North has begun and will last throughout the summer 2018. The building is getting new exterior windows installed. Minor disruptions may occur.

  • LNCO Circulation Improvements: Construction began early May 2018 to address inadequate pedestrian, bike and ADA access to the humanities part of campus. The circulation improvements aim to create a safe and pleasing pathway from student house to the east through the various academic and student facilities. Work will go throughout the summer and open mid-August 2018 in time for fall semester. The electric shuttle will not run during the summer semester due to this construction. See the impact to the right.

  • HUNTSMAN CENTER EAST SIDEWALK DISRUPTION: The sidewalk east of the Huntsman Center will have minor disruptions for a sidewalk lighting upgrade. The project will go until the end of July 2018.

  • FIELD ABOVE WASATCH DRIVE: The field above Wasatch Drive is being transformed into a parking lot. Expect noise and dust disturbances throughout the duration of the project. Expected completion date is Aug. 31, 2018.

  • FIELD HOUSE CHILLER PLANT: Construction and closures occurring in and around the field house for capital improvements will be completed by mid-August 2018.

  • CRCC, ART, & ARCH. HIGH TEMP: High temperature water line replacement is being done on the sidewalk between CRCC, and the Art/Architecture building. Work is expected to continue through mid to late summer 2018. 

  • WEST MEDICAL GARAGE CONSTRUCTION: The West Medical Garage (between the Moran Eye Center and the Ambulatory Care Complex construction) will only have access via the two widened ramps on the south side of the garage.  The east side ramp will remain closed until ACC construction is completed in 2019.

  • EXECUTIVE EDUCATION BUILDING: The construction of the Executive Education Building between Sorenson Arts & Education and the Business Building (SFEBB) is underway. Construction to complete in the summer of 2018 and will be ready for fall semester.

  • GARDNER BUILDING CONSTRUCTION: Construction of the Carolyn and Kem Gardner Building is underway at the former site of OSH. Fencing will also remain posted around the field behind the humanities building. This project will continue through the summer of 2018.

See the construction impact map below.