Construction & Commuter Updates


HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION IMPACTS: Various high school commencements are happening on campus for the next couple of weeks. Parking in areas near the Huntsman Arena will be impacted. See map below.

  • Thursday, May 23, 2019 | 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • Friday, May 24, 2019 | 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Wednesday, June 5, 2019 | 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.

Business Building Visitor Parking Lot (Lot 12): Construction will close a section of Campus Center Dr., just north of the Business Building visitor parking lot. No access to the parking lot and the Arts & Education drop-off is available through the southwest intersection of Campus Center Dr. and South Campus Dr.    

Commuters wishing to access the parking lot from South Campus Dr. are advised to enter Campus Center Dr. from South Campus Dr. and proceed through the Central Parking Garage before exiting onto Campus Center Dr. and proceeding through the roundabout to access the parking lot. See map below:

Student Services Building Deck Improvement: Condition-improving construction began May 13 on the deck on the east side of the Student Services Building. The main entrance (central to the deck) is be closed during construction. During this construction, both side entrances on the deck, as well as all entrances on the lower level, will remain open. This project is expected to be completed in August 2019. 

Engineering parking Lot: Beginning at the end of May, the parking lot north of the Merrill Engineering Building will be repaved/repainted. The lot will be closed down in sections with 25-50% of the parking lot remaining open at all times. This project is expected to be completed in early August 2019. 

WASATCH DRIVE, STUDENT LIFE WAY IMPACTS: Construction continues on the Wasatch Drive roundabout. See the updated impact map below for the new route.  

  • Construction on the east side of the roundabout continues. Closure to the main entrance to the nearby parking lot (Lot 27 North) began on May 10, and is anticipated to last until May 28.  
  • With this closure, all vehicles will be directed to use the entrance through the Eccles Broadcast Center parking lot. If you have any questions about the Wasatch Express or if you would like additional information on campus transportation, contact Commuter Services at 801-581-4189.  


UTA TRAX DOWNTOWN CONSTRUCTION: On May 4, 2019, UTA began replacing rails and switches in two areas between the City Center and Courthouse Stations at the intersections of Main Street and 400 South and Main Street and 150 South. The project is set for completion by June 2, with the Red Line restoring normal service on May 28. Click here to learn more about the construction impact.

COIN METER STALLS: All remaining coin meter stalls will convert to pay-by-phone stalls starting summer 2019.

UNION EAST (LOT 28): The UTA bus and campus shuttle stop area in front the Union will undergo construction to accommodate the increase of UTA buses on campus. The project includes expanding the bus stop and staging area; relocating the ADA stalls to the north side of the Union and the south side of LNCO; and creating a new entrance to the Union pay lot, which will be located at the north end. Expect parking impacts during the construction period, beginning summer 2019.

HPER (LOT 24): The HPER Lot will permanently lose approximately 120 stalls located in the southeast section. This space will soon be occupied by the upcoming soccer and lacrosse playfield as construction begins summer 2019. Due to the loss of stalls, commuters should park in the Broadcast Center Lot (east of Wasatch Dr.) as an alternative. Construction will end in fall 2019.

SOCIAL WORK (LOT 8): The social work lot will undergo construction to improve ADA access. To comply with ADA parking regulations, the slope of the area and sidewalk will be leveled to provide easier access leading to the social work and art buildings. In addition, a second ADA section, closer to the social work building, will be added near the center west area of the lot. Commuters should expect to see fewer parking stalls during the construction period, beginning summer 2019 and ending fall 2019. 

RED BUTTE (LOT 75): To improve safety, the narrow dirt road located northeast of the Red Butte Gardens leading up to the gate will be paved and become an extension of the Red Butte Lot. The lot expansion will provide additional U Permit stalls and pay stalls for visitors. The construction area will end at the gate and will not reach the trailhead. Parking in this area will not be available during the construction period, beginning summer 2019 and ending fall 2019.

1300 EAST RECONSTRUCTION: Salt Lake City will reconstruct 1300 East from 1300 South to 2100 South from May through November 2019. In order to complete the project as quickly and safely as possible, the construction team will temporarily fully close half of the project area at a time. The contractor plans to begin with the southern half of the project, from 2100 South to 1700 South. This portion of the road could be closed as early as May. The northern portion of the project, from 1700 South to 1300 South, will follow. Each section is expected to be closed for up to three months. One section will remain open at all times. The intersections at 2100 South, 1700 South, and 1300 South will be open each day. Work in these intersections will only be permitted at night. The contractor will maintain access for local residents and businesses throughout the duration of construction. Residents and businesses will receive additional information regarding how they will access their homes and buildings during the closures.



GUARDSMAN WAY LOT TO BUSINESS LOOP ROUTE DISCONTINUED: The Guardsman Way Lot to Business Loop shuttle route has been discontinued. Shuttle patrons should ride the purple or green route as an alternative.

Visit to track shuttles and plan your trip. 

HELIPAD GARAGE PARKING LEVEL ASSIGNMENT: Level 3 in the Helipad Garage is reserved for valet parking only. A- and U-permit holders may not park on level 3 at any time, but are allowed to park on levels 4 and 5 after 2 p.m.  

SHORELINE GARAGE PARKING STALL RELOCATION: Starting April 22, 2019, all the GME stalls in the Shoreline Garage will move to level 4. A-permit parking will be located on levels 2 and 3. T81-permit parking stalls will be located on levels 5 and 6. 

DAVID GARDNER HALL PARKING LOT: Due to the replacement of high-temp water lines, the parking lot near David Gardner Hall and the Voice & Opera Center is closed. This lot will remain impacted through July 15, 2019.

Following commencement ceremonies in early May 2019, this construction will expand to impact the loading dock and sidewalk between Gardner Hall and Voice through July 15, 2019. 

NEW VISITOR SPACES IN THE SOUTH GARAGE LOT (LOT 64): Ten stalls designated for T-permit holders on the second level of the South Garage (Medical Drive South and 2030 East) are now visitor spaces. Payment through the kiosk system is required to park in the visitor spaces.

HUNTSMAN CANCER INSTITUTE PROTON ADDITION: Twenty-one stalls are closed in row 4 of the East Hospital lot (Lot 66).

These stalls will be closed to provide access to the Proton Therapy Clinic.
Huntsman Cancer Institute is preparing for the construction of a Proton Treatment Facility. This facility will be located in a mainly underground concrete facility to be located in the east hillside between the HCI 555 Building and HCH 556 Building. Construction began in February 2019. Please expect partial trail closures to occur during this time.

WASATCH EAST PARKING LOT: The north portion of the Eccles Broadcast Center parking lot expansion continues. Nearing completion, this roughly 450 stall U lot will be partially open. Several hundred stalls will be available until construction is complete. The construction is still ongoing with lot paving scheduled and sidewalk construction through the end of March 2019.


SOUTH CAMPUS HOUSING AND DINING: Construction for the new South Campus Housing and Dining Facility continues in parking lot 22 and the women’s soccer field. Parking in lot 22 is closed. Construction will be ongoing until June 2020.

SOCCER/LACROSSE STADIUM CONSTRUCTION: Construction on the soccer/lacrosse stadium began on Sept. 5, 2018. Rows 11-14 (the L shaped area off the road) and row 88 (the old tennis courts) have been removed. The roadway and additional parts of the area are now closed. These are permanent closures and parking will not return.

See the map of closures below: 

STORMWATER DRAIN PLAYFIELD CONSTRUCTION: The grass field between the McCarthey Family Track & Field and Lassonde Studios is undergoing construction to install a stormwater drain. This project is expected to be completed in August 2019. Access to this area will be closed for the duration of the project.

WEST MEDICAL GARAGE CONSTRUCTION: The West Medical Garage (between the Moran Eye Center and the Ambulatory Care Complex construction) will only have access via the two widened ramps on the south side of the garage. The east side ramp will remain closed until ACC construction is completed in 2019.

See the construction impact map below.