UTA bus route changes


Some UTA service routes and schedules will change on Aug. 11, 2019. Check out the following bus service changes that impacts the university area. 

Bus routes affecting University of Utah campus and VA hospitals: 

  • Route 21 will have expanded hours of service on all days: 15-minute service on weekdays and Saturdays, and 30-minute service on Sundays. 
  • Route 4 will serve 400 South and Foothill Drive between Poplar Grove and Olympus Cove, via downtown and the University of Utah. The 4 will run seven days a week. 
  • Route 223 will be increased to 30-minute service during rush hour (60-minute midday and evening). The route will be extended to serve Research Park, University Medical Center Station, and the Union Building. 
  • Routes 313 and 354 will be streamlined at Mario Capecchi/Foothill to improve travel time. 
  • Route 3 will no longer serve the VA Hospital parking lot. Service to the VA will be available via routes 34313, and 354 on Foothill Dr. 

TRAX Red Line: 

Visit ride.utah.com to view all UTA route and scheduled changes, including new and discontinues services. 

NOTE: UTA bus routes that stop at the Union, including 17, 21 and 213, will drop off and pick up passengers on the east side of the Union parking lot due to construction.