Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Cancer Care and Women’s Cancer


Huntsman Cancer Institute announced the major hospital expansion of the Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers in 2019. The expansion will allow the Huntsman Cancer Institute to grow by 220,000 square feet and add 48 new inpatient hospital rooms. It will include four floors of clinical space, an expanded wellness and integrative health center, two floors of faculty offices and two floors available for future build-out based on patient needs.

A temporary road on Circle of Hope Drive has been constructed and will remain in place until 2022. This road will allow vehicle access to the front door of the Huntsman Cancer Institute, including hospital and research building entrances, as well as the Northeast Garage.

Employees who use the Bonneville Shoreline Trail system and exit the BST from this area will need to find an alternate exit nearby. The nearest recommended exits are the Dry Creek Trailhead and the Red Butte Creek Road Trailhead, as shown in the following maps. For more information on BST system routes, refer to the BST website.

Parking Lot 60 near the Children’s Center is closed indefinitely.

What’s to expect next: Beginning January 2021, semi-trucks will deliver structural steel to the construction site on North Medical Drive via Mario Capecchi Drive or 100 South. Most deliveries will be on typical sized semi-truck trailers with very few oversized loads. The deliveries of steel will not delay traffic and will continue through late Spring 2021. Commuters can expect traffic control, which will safely assist delivery trucks in entering and exiting the construction site.

Visit the Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers webpage to learn more about the project.