Autonomous Shuttle pilot project


Take a ride on the Autonomous Shuttle while it’s at the University of Utah.

UDOT and UTA want to explore ways to meet the travel needs of individuals and enhance community accessibility through safe, reliable and innovative services. Autonomous and connected technology could be a great solution for transit needs.

Autonomous shuttles are electric vehicles with capacity for six to 12 passengers. They do not have a driver’s seat, steering wheel, pedals or the other features usually associated with traditional vehicles. The driverless shuttle follows a pre-determined route but reacts to other vehicles, pedestrians, etc. in real-time as they are encountered.

The shuttle will move to different communities throughout the pilot program. Provide feedback on the autonomous technology and what you thought of your shuttle ride.

The AV Shuttle will be on campus now through September, operating Monday-Friday, from 12-6 p.m.

For more information on the AV Shuttle, click here.