Happening Now


April 22, 2019

New details in 4/13 attempted sexual assault | Last Academic Senate meeting agenda | U Giving Day coming soon | Shannon McNatt wins Elite 90 award | Career and Professional Development Center recognizes a community of career success | Bench to Bedside | Excellence in Global Engagement award winners | Children’s book explores beneficial bacteria | Register for the United Nations Conference | Interdisciplinary research and creative projects

Campus Events

April 22, 2019

Stress Buster Week | Utah’s Changing Demographics and the 2020 Census | ‘Paris to Pittsburgh’ | Predatory Publishing | EAE Launch | Violence Against Women: Changing Perspective | See the spikes before they’re gone | Demo Day | Circuit and indoor cycling classes

A Healthier U

April 22, 2019

How to relieve allergy symptoms | Treating carpal tunnel without surgery | The benefits of deep brain stimulation for patients with Parkinson's disease

Construction & Commuter Updates

April 15, 2019

Level 3 in the Helipad Garage is reserved for valet parking only—A and U-permit holders may not park on level 3 at any time, but are allowed to park on levels 4 and 5 after 2 p.m. | All the GME stalls in the Shoreline Garage will move to level 4 with A-permit parking on levels 2-3 and T81-permit parking on levels 5 and 6 | Due to rain, the intersection of Wasatch Drive and Mario Capecchi has been open; however, the intersection is now closed for road construction

Safe & Sound

April 22, 2019

Personal protective equipment and hazard assessment form