Science & Technology

The force is with U

U’s LUKE Arm stars at the start of the newest “Star Wars.”

U chemist awarded medal

The American Institute of Chemists will present the Gold Medal to Peter Stang at the AIC’s Heritage Day celebration on May 5, 2020, in Philadelphia.

The role of lizard lungs in evolutionary biology

Savannah monitor lizards have a unique airflow pattern that is a hybrid of bird and mammal flow patterns.

Second graders turn recess into citizen science

It turns out that Utah is one of the few places outside of Europe where one can find firebugs of the species needed for a particular kind of research.

Two U scientists honored as 2019 AAAS Fellows

Parkinson and Porter join 128 other fellows either currently or formerly affiliated with the U.

Is Utah’s great lake turning to dust?

What’s going on in the West Desert?

Z. Valy Vardeny, Distinguished Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy.

Spintronics for next generation info tech

Electronics that use minuscule magnetic fields emanating from spinning electrons could be used for faster, smaller electronic devices that use less energy.

Geology professor wins international earth science award

Thure Cerling’s work has given an integrated picture of vertebrate fossils and paleo-environments in which terrestrial ecosystems emerged and evolved.

Humans of the U: Quaid Harding

“Worldwide, honeybee populations are in serious decline. That’s a big problem for humans—one in every three bites of food that you take were pollinated directly or indirectly by a bee.”

Personalized medicine is now a reality

A new center at Primary Children’s Hospital will bring next-generation care to children today, using advanced technologies to understand a child’s unique genetic makeup and offer tailored treatments.