Equity & Diversity

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ICYMI: A Racially Just Workplace

Watch, read or listen to the Nov. 20 Friday Forum on Racism in Higher Education.

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The intersection of EDI and public safety

Creating a safe and inclusive campus environment.

A view overlooking salt lake valley from the University of Utah campus at sunset. On the horizon, you can see faint mountains that are obscured by hazy air, showing an example of air pollution that builds up in the valley.

Air pollution spikes reduce test scores

More frequent peak air pollution exposure was associated with reduced math and English language arts test scores for third graders in all primary public schools in Salt Lake County.

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#CheckOnYourUCrew: Winter break

Reach out to your friends, peers and colleagues as we head into the break.

Fighting health disparities inside and out

We all win when diversity is prioritized.

Two African crested rats stand face to face, nuzzling each other. The rodents are rabbit-sized and resembles a gray puffball crossed with a skunk. Their fur is various shades or brown and gray, with dark stripts that line its flanks from leg to its face.

The secret social lives of giant poisonous rats

The African crested rat’s fur is packed with a poison so lethal just a few miligrams can kill a human. Biologists confirmed where it gets its poison, and uncovered an unexpected social life.

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Reframing the Conversation: How is disability included in diversity?

Panelists discuss how to better include people with disabilities in equity, diversity and inclusion work.

Red and black graphic reads, "The Women's Resource Center's Crankstart Scholarship"

It could help U too

How a generous scholarship is impacting individuals, families and generations.

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Advocacy and activism through engagement and strategy

Two special assistants join Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to further the enrichment of the educational experiences of the university community.

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Mental health support for students of color

Two new counselors are dedicated to serving Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion centers.