Covid 19

Help stop coronavirus spike

We must act now to protect the health and safety of our entire community—an ethic we know our campus embraces.

Build your bubble for the months ahead

Help slow the spread of COVID-19.

8 mental health tips to cope with the election

Election Day is Nov. 3 and is sure to be an emotional day for many.

Down. Set. Hut. Utah Football is back

Get ready for some football. But please enjoy it from home.

It’s ART: Keeping campus safe

We ask you to look for the emails and participate it you are asked.

Check your texts: Help us stop the spread of COVID-19 on campus

Information submitted is kept private and confidential.

Let’s do this, Utah!

Cases are rising, so we all need to step up.

graphic of a banner coming out of a cellphone reads, "Introducing MEDiversity Week"

Introducing MEDiversity Week

Moving anti-racism forward in our academic, clinical and personal lives.

Stay safe this Halloween

Don’t be a “jerk-o-lantern” because it’s not “witchful thinking.” Together we can “put a spell” on COVID-19 this Halloween.

Hey you, get a flu shot!

Now more than ever it’s time to get a flu shot.