Covid 19

Do you need a COVID-19 booster? Yes, you do

Get some clarity on these shots and why public health officials are recommending them now.

A boost for older adults at Thanksgiving

Safely enjoy spending time with those who matter most during the holidays.

Protect yourself from COVID-19 as temperatures drop

Many factors could impact transmission rates.

Children, adults equally vulnerable to coronavirus infection

The study shows a relatively high rate of household transmission when at least one member is infected.

Building your village with Komae

The app addresses pertinent issues many may have with securing high-quality, affordable care for their children.

Administrative leave for COVID-19 vaccines

Anticipating approval of the COVID-19 vaccination for children ages 5-11, the University is announcing additional paid admin leave for main campus and UUHC employees.

You had COVID-19. Do you still need a shot?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed or confused by the contradictory messages.

COVID-19 testing, now more than ever

To keep that environment safe and functional, we all need to play a part and take a few precautions.

Keep the momentum going

Thank you for taking the steps that will eventually, hopefully, bring this pandemic to an end.

The faculty’s influence on mask wearing in classes

Our campus life can be as normal as possible with just slight inconveniences.