Breaking barriers, building bridges

The Promoting Access to High Schoolers program is making higher education accessible to underrepresented and underserved students.

U joins Common App

The U made its application process simpler, more informative and widely available by becoming a member of Common App, a nonprofit that aids prospective students in the college selection process.

Treasures from the shelves

A one-of-a-kind art collection is available to library patrons interested in the arts, architecture and creativity.

Star Wars-inspired prosthetic arm

U engineers help develop a motorized prosthetic arm that can sense touch and move with your thoughts.

Power to the parents

University scholars demonstrate that parents are the solution—not the problem—when it comes to education reform.

Humans of the U: Anahy Salcedo

“When I got to the U, I volunteered with an organization helping underserved communities find resources. Lots of parents wanted to sign their kids up for camps, but couldn’t get them to the location or couldn’t afford it. I thought Science in the Parks would be awesome here.”

What is mental health anyway?

Kevin Curtis, a licensed clinical social worker and the director of Crisis Services at U of U Health, joins Scope to discuss mental health and managing stress.

Handcrafted innovative skating gear

A national short track team skater and an Olympic medalist and U entrepreneur student are modernizing the speed skating market.

New number, who dis?

It’s time to update your contacts for the UNP Hartland Partnership Center. Hartland now has all new phone and fax numbers.

4 tips to protect your skin from the sun

Dermatologist Christopher Hull shares ways you can protect your skin as skin cancer is one of the most common, preventable and potentially dangerous forms of cancer in the U.S.