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Parking increases: What campus needs to know

This is a reminder for those individuals on campus who pay for parking permits through payroll deduction, that the annual parking permit increase for FY25 will be reflected on your July 22, 2024, pay stub.

In March 2023, Commuter Services proposed a new five-year rate schedule for fiscal years 2024-28 to the University of Utah’s Board of Trustees, which was approved.

The current adjustments in parking permit rates reflect a thoughtful balance between covering operational costs, including bond payments for parking garages, and promoting sustainable transportation options.

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The university recognizes that addressing parking challenges requires a multifaceted approach. In addition to adjusting permit rates, the university is exploring innovative solutions, such as increasing on-campus housing options to reduce the need for commuting. By envisioning a future where more students reside on campus, the university aims to create a more vibrant and sustainable campus community.

Balancing the high demand for parking across main campus and the U of U Health campus and appropriately pricing the cost of parking permits has always been a complex and nuanced issue that university leaders need to regularly revisit.

Navigating parking challenges on college campuses is a shared experience for many students, faculty and administrators. At the U, recent decisions regarding parking permit rates shed light on the underlying complexities of this issue.

One significant factor contributing to the regular rise in parking costs is the U’s investment in multi-level parking structures compared to surface parking. While parking structures provide more stalls in a single footprint, they also cost more to build and maintain than surface lots.

By encouraging mass transit ridership and exploring alternative forms of commuting, the university aims to reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicles while providing equitable access to parking for its diverse campus population. Learn more about commuting options available to campus here.

Recently, Commuter Services has created a Transportation Dashboard website which is an interactive tool that provides transportation data to the public. The goal is to share more information about how our university community parks, commutes and how the university uses the revenue from managing these resources. The four dashboard tabs provide information and data about permit sales, changes to campus parking, transportation mode statistics, funding and expenditures, our plans/studies and more.

See the approved five-year parking permit rate schedule below.

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